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Category Archives: Packing materials

Pack it in – DIY or call the professionals?

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

It’s been stressful….but the deal is done and your house move is definitely going ahead! Hurrah! Now just the small task of packing up all your worldly possessions to go then… Most of us have a declutter before we put our house on the market – maybe hiding stuff away in the loft or garage …

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How Can We Help This Improve Your Office Day?

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

The 4th October marks Improve Your Office Day. The office might not rank as someone’s favourite place in the world, but it is also where we all spend a lot of time and now companies are making a conscious effort to ensure that office space is as appealing as possible. From slides to games rooms, …

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Removal Company

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

The 28th of September marks “Ask A Stupid Question” day. Choosing a removal company can be a tough task but it is all about finding the right answers to your questions that will ease your mind prior to the big move. There are no stupid questions to ask prior to a removal as it is …

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How to Pack a Box

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

When it comes to planning for a removal, the packing of your belongings is likely to be one of the more daunting tasks on your list. While Britannia Turnbulls’ packing service can help with this process, the following advice on how to pack a box for a removal can help if packing alone/with family and …

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What Materials Are Required For A Removal?

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving house can be one of the most worrying events in your lifetime. Preparation and organisation are very important when approaching your move day and once you have that confirmation through and your removal booked in; it’s time for that prep and organisation to kick in. Having the right tools for the job is one …

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Get set for Garage Sale Day with Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Saturday the 13th August marks Garage Sale Day, a time when people across the globe are inspired to clear out, get organised and perhaps find some hidden gems! For many the garage represents the place in our homes which we could be accused of neglecting the most. Piles of old toys fill boxes, precious family …

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A Guide to Packing Safely for Moving House

Posted on by Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds

Don’t be fooled into thinking that packing is as simple as putting belongings into boxes, there are a number of things you should bear in mind when moving house to ensure that your possessions make it to your new home in one piece. Follow Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds’ tips to packing boxes efficiently and make …

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