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Top tips to help you get settled quickly in your new home

Posted on by Ginny Nicholls

Moving home is, for very obvious reasons, an unsettling time. Although it can obviously be exciting and a fresh start, for most people it comes with some sense of upheaval and worry. With 150 years of experience as a removal company in Leeds, we have seen it all. We can hold your hand every step …

The rise of the bungalow – is it the nation’s favourite property?

Posted on by Ginny Nicholls

Everyone has their own opinion on a bungalow. Love them or hate them, you can certainly see the appeal for people worried about their mobility and accessibility. But does it only attract a certain sector of society? It would appear not. Apparently there are around 2 million bungalows in the UK – and research a …

The best places for first time buyers in Leeds

Posted on by Ginny Nicholls

It has not been an easy few years for first time buyers. It’s been well publicised how difficult it can be getting a first step on the property ladder, with sky high deposits needed and stricter mortgage lending criteria – combined with stagnant wages and a rise in the cost of living. The pandemic pushed …

A guide to Rent to Buy

Posted on by Ginny Nicholls

With the cost of living increasing and house prices continuing to rocket, it’s a tricky time for would-be first-time buyers. Those wanting to buy their first home face having to save up ever-increasing deposits, whilst day-to-day bills go through the roof. Yet for many, home-buying remains the dream. As a removal company in Leeds we …

Five ways to secure the house of your dreams in a competitive property market

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

You’d have to have been pretty sheltered from the property market over recent months not to have noticed how quickly properties are selling. Estate agents across the country have been lamenting the lack of stock, as even slightly dubious properties seem to sell in record quick time. Last month it was reported that a third …

The Leeds’ streets we all want to move to in 2022

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

According to Zoopla there are now 55 streets across Yorkshire where the average house will cost you more than a million pounds. That’s an increase of 16, or 41 per cent, in a year! Given how much house prices continue to rise – 3.4 per cent in the last quarter, which is the highest rise …

Top tips for a smooth business move

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving business premises may well be something more organisations need to do as we come out of the pandemic and into the ‘new normal’. A recent survey by the BBC showed that 70 per cent of workers didn’t expect they’d ever return to the office as before. With most opting for a hybrid or remote …

How to find a great removals firm

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving house can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about chains and mortgage offers and surveys (amongst a hundred other things), but you also have to give how to safely transport everything you own from old house to new careful consideration. A reputable, trustworthy, reliable removal company will make your …

The top ‘toys’ you’ll want for your dream home

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

In the last 18 months our homes have become the places we worked, lived, slept, kept fit, entertained (via Zoom) – in fact they became the place we did everything! It was no wonder that suddenly home offices, nice gardens and playrooms became all the more important to us. And for those who were lucky …

5 questions you should ask your removal company

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

A key part of moving house is ensuring all your belongings are moved safely from old house to new. You’re trusting your chosen removal company with all your worldly possessions, so it’s vital you are sure they’re going to do a good job for you. Now, we don’t like to brag, but we happen to …

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