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Top tips for a smooth business move

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving business premises may well be something more organisations need to do as we come out of the pandemic and into the ‘new normal’. A recent survey by the BBC showed that 70 per cent of workers didn’t expect they’d ever return to the office as before. With most opting for a hybrid or remote …

How to find a great removals firm

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving house can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about chains and mortgage offers and surveys (amongst a hundred other things), but you also have to give how to safely transport everything you own from old house to new careful consideration. A reputable, trustworthy, reliable removal company will make your …

The top ‘toys’ you’ll want for your dream home

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

In the last 18 months our homes have become the places we worked, lived, slept, kept fit, entertained (via Zoom) – in fact they became the place we did everything! It was no wonder that suddenly home offices, nice gardens and playrooms became all the more important to us. And for those who were lucky …

5 questions you should ask your removal company

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

A key part of moving house is ensuring all your belongings are moved safely from old house to new. You’re trusting your chosen removal company with all your worldly possessions, so it’s vital you are sure they’re going to do a good job for you. Now, we don’t like to brag, but we happen to …

The most popular places in Leeds

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Horsforth hits the UK’s top 10 list of places to move Anyone who lives in God’s Own County knows exactly why it has that nickname. Yorkshire is a fantastic place to be based, with everything from beautiful coasts and stunning countryside to cosmopolitan cities to meet your every need. As a Leeds’ removal company, it …

Eight top tips every home mover should know

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Moving house is always going to have its stress points – but it’s our job to try and make the move itself as stress-free as possible. According to this report, British homeowners move on average once every 11 years – so it’s understandable that the whole process can seem a little overwhelming. However, here at …

The growing importance of our gardens – how outdoor space is driving house moves

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

No one could have predicted at the start of 2020 that we’d spend a fair chunk of the next year (and then some…) mainly staying at home. Much anticipated holidays put on hold, mini breaks cancelled and even day trips impossible. Our individual worlds, for all their differences, all shrunk dramatically. It’s no wonder, therefore, …

Having a Covid-safe move

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

We’re now over a year on from when we were first told to stay home and save lives. Yet despite many aspects of our lives being put on hold over that time, apart from the first few months removals have been able to continue on as before. Obviously with a few tweaks here and there …

The most expensive streets in Leeds – happy house hunting!

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

There are lots of lovely areas in Leeds to choose to settle in. Alwoodley, Chapel Allerton, Horsforth, Meanwood, Headingley, Adel, Roundhay, Garforth to name just a few – we’re spoilt for choice! However, research by Leeds Live has revealed there’s just one street in Leeds where the average house sold in 2019 went for more …

Eight top tips for downsizers

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

A survey by Nationwide Building Society a couple of years ago revealed that just a third of over 55s in the UK planned to downsize. The reasons for not wanting to were varied, but for many people the reason they wanted to stay put was space. Space to host family, space for a lifetime of …

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