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Top tips to help you get settled quickly in your new home

Moving home is, for very obvious reasons, an unsettling time. Although it can obviously be exciting and a fresh start, for most people it comes with some sense of upheaval and worry.

With 150 years of experience as a removal company in Leeds, we have seen it all. We can hold your hand every step of the way. We have compiled our top tips to help you get settled as quickly as possible in your new home – you’ll be popping that champagne cork and toasting new beginnings in no time!

  1. Choose a reputable removal firm. You are trusting this company with all your worldly belongings, so you really want to know you can trust them. Plus, take our word for it – a good removal company will help make your move so much less stressful. We can even help manage packing, so you can fully concentrate on you and your family at this busy time. Looking for removals, Leeds?
  2. Pack carefully. You don’t want items damaged in transit so good packing materials and some careful packing is key. Labelling will be the most important thing you do. Make sure you know exactly what it is in each box so if you need something at your new home, you know right where it is. It will also help you prioritise what needs unpacking first (and what can stay boxed up in the garage for a few months!)
  3. Make sure you’ve told everyone. A few weeks ahead of time start making a note of who you need to inform of your move. Start contacting them as soon as the move is 100% confirmed. Consider a mail redirection service too.
  4. Keep all your important documents safe. Make sure you know exactly where things like passports are – you don’t want the additional stress of ‘losing’ them in some unknown box for months on end.
  5. Have a good clean up before you start unpacking. It will be so much easier and quicker whilst the house is empty and you’ll feel better knowing you’ve done it.
  6. Get the big jobs done first. Prioritise what is most important to your household (be it kitchen or lounge or the TV) and make sure you get those rooms or items sorted first. Make a list and work your way through it at a pace to suit you.
  7. Get into a routine. Everything will seem a bit chaotic when you move – so, if possible, try and keep to any usual routines re: sleeping, childcare or walks. That way you’ll all feel a bit more like things are under control.
  8. Reassure pets. Pets will not be able to understand so offer them lots of extra reassurance and cuddles. Don’t wash their bedding at first so it retains a familiar smell. If you have a dog keep it on a lead for a few days until it gets used to the area. If you have a cat, consider keeping it indoors for a while.
  9. Help children to feel at home. Children are bound to find the move difficult to comprehend so offer them extra comfort and support in those first few days. Help them to get their room sorted asap – make it exciting and get them involved. Children might also worry about feeling safe in their new home, so reassure them about that. They’ll be settled in no time.
  10. Make your house feel like a home. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to renovate a house all at once but think of some easy things you can do to make the house feel like yours. Maybe it’s a spot of redecoration, a few plants or some of your favourite candles in every room.
  11. Remember you don’t have to stick to the original plan. If you put furniture in then a few weeks down the line decide you don’t like it, shift it about so it works for you! Just because you go down one route, doesn’t mean you can’t turn around.
  12. Get involved in the local community. Go out and explore the area – what new walks are there, what new restaurants, shops or cafes? Are there events you might like to add to your diary or clubs you might want to join? Actively introduce yourself to the neighbours – it’s always helpful to have people you know close by!
  13. Have a housewarming party! Now is the time to show off your lovely new home to all your family and friends. Nothing will make it feel more homely than some familiar faces!

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