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The rise of the bungalow – is it the nation’s favourite property?

Everyone has their own opinion on a bungalow. Love them or hate them, you can certainly see the appeal for people worried about their mobility and accessibility. But does it only attract a certain sector of society? It would appear not.

Apparently there are around 2 million bungalows in the UK – and research a few years ago revealed that 6.5 million older people/retirees would like to move into one. However, bungalows don’t tend to be built on any great scale as they don’t necessarily make best use of the available land space. An estimated 2 per cent of property in the UK is a bungalow. The Telegraph reports that the number of single-storey homes coming to market fell by 44 per cent between 2016 and 2021. So, both demand and competition is high – pushing prices ever higher.

With so many older people therefore unable to secure the bungalows they want, due to a lack of available properties, many are staying put in their big family homes, despite their own family having flown the nest. That then ties up those properties for families with younger children who may be wanting to move up the mortgage ladder. But, not only that, those same families are then bidding on bungalows on reasonable sized plots with the view to extend, outwards or upwards – potentially removing yet more bungalow stock from the market – permanently.

For many people, moving into a bungalow will mean downsizing. Remember as a company which manages house removals, Leeds, we can also provide storage solutions. If you need somewhere to store your belongings whilst you get settled into a new home and decide what fits where, we can help. If you want to store your items for the long term, you can with us. That way you can keep hold of whatever you want and access them whenever is needed, without having them take up valuable space in your new home.

To grab the bungalow of their dreams, some people are selling up and moving out of their existing home so they’re in the best possible position to make a quick offer when a bungalow does hit the market. If that is the case, get in touch to have a chat about removals in Leeds and beyond. Our movers and packers can help you pack up your home, but instead of loading directly into the van, they are loaded into containers. These are then transferred directly to our secure storage site where they are kept safe until you’re ready for them to be redelivered once you have a new property. Definitely the best option if you’re staying with family or friends in the meantime, or you find a short term furnished rental.

If we can help make your bungalow moving dreams come true, and you’re busy searching for ‘removal company Leeds’, do get in touch. We’re always happy to chat through the removals process and talk to you about any particular questions or concerns you might have. Our friendly removals teams have many years of experience – in fact as a company we’ve been going for 150 years! And they’ll always be delighted if there’s no trying to get heavy furniture up a flight of stairs!

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