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How to find a great removals firm

Moving house can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about chains and mortgage offers and surveys (amongst a hundred other things), but you also have to give how to safely transport everything you own from old house to new careful consideration.

A reputable, trustworthy, reliable removal company will make your move a thousand times easier. But how do you go about finding the best local removal company to help you?

We happen to know a great removal company in Leeds who would take some beating…

So, what are our top tips for finding a brilliant removal firm wherever you’re based?

  • Ask for personal recommendations. You’re sure to know family, friends and colleagues who have moved. Ask who they used and find out what they thought.
  • Check online reviews. Look for independent review sites. Be cautious of companies with a couple of glowing Facebook reviews and not much else – it’s not always easy to tell if reviews are real!
  • Get in touch early. Good removals companies will get booked up – so make sure you contact them as early as possible to ensure you can get the one you want. If the company has a completely free diary, it might be a warning sign!
  • Look for the industry standard. Choose someone who is a member of the British Association of Removers and who has the relevant British Standard for Removals. These can be checked online and they give you reassurances about the standard of service you can expect from the company.
  • Be sure the company has a landline/office location. Be wary of a company you can only contact via a mobile phone. What happens if they just don’t answer on the day of your move, or they start ghosting you the week before? Believe us, sadly it happens.
  • Make sure you’re covered. Check what their insurance policy is and if they recommend you need to take out any insurance.
  • Be clear on the detail. When speaking to removals companies, make sure you find out exactly what they would be recommending. How many people will be there to help on the day, and how large is the van or vans they’ll be using. How long do they anticipate it will take? Be wary of anyone implying their small van and one person will be ample unless you have very little to move, and you’re happy to move heavy furniture with them!
  • Can the company offer additional services if needed? You may not be planning to need storage, but sometimes completion dates don’t line up. Can your removal company help with storage for your belongings if needed? Will you want help with your packing, and can they assist with that? Do they provide boxes and packing materials?
  • Feel comfortable asking questions. You should feel able to ask any questions you have, and don’t worry that questions will be ‘stupid’. A good removal firm knows this probably isn’t something you’ve done a million times before and you’re bound to have worries. And don’t be fobbed off with vague responses. It’s perfectly acceptable to want to know the details!
  • Go with your gut. Do you get a good feel from the people you speak to in the company? If not, it might be best to walk away.

If you’re looking for a moving company in Leeds, get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all the questions above and more!

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