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The top ‘toys’ you’ll want for your dream home

In the last 18 months our homes have become the places we worked, lived, slept, kept fit, entertained (via Zoom) – in fact they became the place we did everything!

It was no wonder that suddenly home offices, nice gardens and playrooms became all the more important to us.

And for those who were lucky enough to have a really big home (or be in the market for one), the ‘extras’ (or toys as they’re referred to in this article) became all the more exciting!

According to the article, and the estate agents it spoke to, leisure facilities such as gyms and swimming pools have become increasingly important to buyers. We can dream…!

So, if you’re looking to step up the ladder (or looking to prepare your property ready for sale) what are the best ways to add value, or the ‘must-haves’ everyone is after? And if you’re looking for a removal company in Leeds to help you make the move – give us a call!

Whilst a swimming pool might be something we all dream of on a hot sunny day, in reality we live in the UK and sunny days are not always that frequent. With horror stories of heating bills, people can be put off taking the plunge (excuse the pun) and building an outdoor pool. However, with solar covers to help with heating that can make a difference. But with lay out costs of anywhere from £80,000 upwards, even when you can rent them out by the hour (yes really), it’s still a lot of money to spend with no guarantee of a return when it comes time to sell. Whilst some buyers will see it as a major plus, others will see it as a definite minus – it’s a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Home gyms are increasing in popularity all the time, according to estate agents. Some people are choosing to convert garages or cellars, others have dedicated spaces created. With costs starting from £5,000 it’s a more cost effective addition than a pool to add value to a property – with less risk. If you’re taking your gym equipment with you when you move, make sure you let us know as we’ll need to include that in the removal plans.

As we all resorted to socialising in gardens, outdoor space protected from the elements became a premium selling point. Outdoor undercover eating areas, outdoor kitchens, loggias, BBQs, pizza ovens, garden pods – they all came into their own during lockdown and are a trend which is likely to stay.

Homeworking has driven a trend for the ‘shoffice’ – a high end shed or cabin which can be used as a home office. The fact they rarely need planning permission has certainly helped their popularity, as people realised working from a kitchen table or sofa wasn’t a sensible long term option for their back! According to the article, sales of garden buildings soared by 500% between January and May, compared to the year before, while sales of sheds rose by more than 460%.

Whatever you need your home to offer (we might have to make do with a paddling pool over a swimming pool) if you’re looking for a moving company in Leeds, we can help. With over 150 years of experience, we’ve safely moved homeowners all over Yorkshire, Great Britain and the world. For more information or to get a quote, please get in touch.

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