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What Materials Are Required For A Removal?

Moving house can be one of the most worrying events in your lifetime. Preparation and
organisation are very important when approaching your move day and once you have that confirmation through and your removal booked in; it’s time for that prep and organisation to kick in. Having the right tools for the job is one job not to neglect, so here are a few items that come in extra handy when carrying out a removal.

Packed boxes ready for a home removal


Boxes are potentially an obvious one and something that will be high on the list of required removal materials. But having the right boxes can make life during a removal a whole lot easier. In the lead up a removal, the temptation might be there to use those old boxes that you have had since you can remember. But when you are half way through moving your boxes, the last thing you need is for your old box to finally give way and break open. Having the right sized boxes that can handle the weight of your items can make life during a move nice and easy.

Bubble Wrap

Not only do kids love bubble wrap, but it is also an extremely useful tool when moving house in order to protect your items. Buying in bulk saves you money, time and means you can really get stuck into your packing. Having and using more is better in order to keep your items safe and protected is better than not having and using less.


An item that every removal needs and will get through plenty of. Tape will get everywhere and end up stuck in all sorts of places but it’s a necessary requirement to ensure that your boxes stay sealed and secure. Investing in a tape gun will make life far easier during the move and will mean you can pile through the taping of your boxes.


Labelling might take a bit of time but is time well spent for the other end of your removal or if you want to check that you have everything packed. Whether it is simply labelling your boxes with which room the items are designated to or marking them as “fragile” in order to keep them safe. Being organised with the labelling will make the latter stages of your removal far easier.

Blankets & Covers

Another vital aspect of a removal in order to keep items safe and secure. Blankets can be
easily wrapped around mirrors or paintings in order to keep them free from damage. Specific covers for fabric items such as a mattress or sofa will keep them safe from easy wear and tear that can happen during a removal.

More (specialist) Boxes!

Back to boxes! Specialist boxes can be purchased for awkward items such as golf clubs or clothes in order to keep them away from damage. Another box that might be worth investing in is an archive box for your important documents so that they are clearly labelled and secure.

Packing Service

Of course, all of Britannia Turnbulls’ removal staff are armed with these materials in order to keep your items safe. But if you want to steer clear of purchasing metres of bubblewrap and calculating how many boxes you need, consider the packing service provided by Britannia Turnbulls to take that worry away.

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