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How to Pack a Box

When it comes to planning for a removal, the packing of your belongings is likely to be one of the more daunting tasks on your list. While Britannia Turnbulls’ packing service can help with this process, the following advice on how to pack a box for a removal can help if packing alone/with family and friends or if there are boxes that need to be personally packed.


It will be an early surprise how much stuff needs need packing and the volume of stuff you actually own. At this point it is good to consider a clear out before your move. Make sure that there is a pile, box or bag ready for items that are ready to be thrown away and not part of the move. Following this, ensure that whenever a box is filled that any items have been recorded as packed and, if possible, in which box.


Having the correct materials for packing is half of the battle towards having an easy pack/move. This includes having the correct boxes that are sturdy enough to maintain a good level of weight. There is nothing worse than carrying a box to or from a house and it splitting open.

As well as having a good quality of box, having the right protective materials can help towards keeping your items safe during the move. This includes having blankets to wrap around any large items that you don’t want to be scratched as well as bubble wrap for anything fragile. Other protective items that can help with packing is polystyrene chips and Styrofoam forms.


Labelling boxes may take a bit of time but is a worthwhile addition to packing in the long run. At the other side of your removal, knowing exactly which boxes go where and what items are in them will make unpacking quick and easy.

Best Way to Add Items

It is worth remembering that when packing boxes, they will need to be lifted to the removal van from the previous property to the new property. Firstly it is worth ensuring that none of your boxes are packed above a certain weight so that they are easy to carry. Our standard practice for this weight is 22kg but others vary. But the order in which the items are added is also important. Ensuring that heavy objects are packed at the bottom of the box will keep items safe within the box, make the box simpler to carry and make sure that the box doesn’t topple over.


Make sure that some boxes are clearly marked as priority. An example of this is a box marked as last out and first in that is full of essential items that you will need on the last day of the property you are leaving behind and the first night of your new property.

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