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What to Consider For an International Removal

Any removal is a big change. But when it comes to moving home internationally then there is a whole lot more to consider. Whether it is Europe or countries further afield such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand, any international removal means there is a lot of weigh up. So here are a few hints and tips on some of the main things to consider when you are planning an international removal.

Passports, Visas & Insurance

Potentially an obvious one but this is all vital documentation that would be required to complete an international removal. Consider the expiry date of each passport in the family and whether it needs renewing for the move or for any unexpected developments that require international travel.

It is also worth double and triple checking the requirements needed for your chosen destination in terms of visas and insurance. Every country has different visa requirements in terms of accessing and staying in the country. This may be helped by your employer if you have work already lined up. But insurance, health insurance especially, is a key consideration when moving abroad.


An international removal will no doubt involve a lot of research and if you are already considering an international move then you will already have researched a lot whether that is the new language or your desired destination. But there are some other key elements to research before you move. Some destinations will have strict guidelines on required vaccinations before entering the country. Pets are also a key consideration as most countries will have strict regulations on bringing a new animal into the country so it is best to thoroughly research how go through it in the correct way.

Informing People of Your Move

Obviously you will need to notify family and friends of your big move but there are also a lot of authorities and providers that need to be told of your move. These include local authorities, medical services, the bank and your providers for water, gas and energy.

There Is More than One Way to Ship Abroad

Depending on the quantity of your belongings and the timescales required, there are a number of transport methods to move your goods to your new destination. You can move your belongings by sea in full containers or by groupage. Full containers are suited to a large volume of goods that you can load and secure at your home whereas groupage is a more economical way by only paying for the volume of your goods from a single item upwards into a shared container.

There is also the option via air freight which suits smaller items that you might need at your new destination a bit more urgently.

BAR Membership

The British Association of Removers is a vital sign to look out for when looking to move abroad. The BAR provides security and presence of mind as each of its members adhere to regulation and also give customers someone to turn to if something unfortunate happens with a removal.

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