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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Removal Company

The 28th of September marks “Ask A Stupid Question” day. Choosing a removal company can be a tough task but it is all about finding the right answers to your questions that will ease your mind prior to the big move. There are no stupid questions to ask prior to a removal as it is all about completing the removal with peace of mind. But if you are unsure what to ask when choosing your removal company, here are a few questions to consider.

Are the Removal Company BAR Verified?

The British Association of Removers badge is a key sign to look for when choosing a removal company. The BAR have acted as a recognised voice of the professional moving industry in the UK for over one hundred years. Choosing a BAR member for a removal provides peace of mind that you are using a company that adheres to the BAR guidelines and also gives you someone to turn to in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

How Will The Removal Company Carry Out The Removal?

Ensuring that the removal company has all the information that they need from you and that you have all the information that you need from the removal company should see things run smoothly. From the initial survey of your home and belongings to the very removal day, you should be clear about when the removal team will be arriving, how long the removal will take and exactly how the removal company will be carrying out the move.

Do I Need Help Packing?

Removal companies often have an additional packing service if you require help with your belongings. It is always worth checking whether this is a suitable option for you and whether it will help ease the process of moving home.

Does The Removal Company Have The Equipment Required to Complete the Move?

A reputable removal company should have the materials and equipment required to move your belongings safely and efficiently. So checking the size of the vans and lorries that are in the fleet is a good question to ask as well as checking the equipment to move and the packing materials to protect your belongings.

This also applies to the staff of the removal company, are they trained and reputable. A removal company being BAR verified shows that staff are fully and professionally trained.

Have I Left Enough Time to Book The Removal?

Removal companies often have peak and quiet times of the year. Therefore it is worth checking the availability of your chosen removal company and making sure that they have the right availability on your move day.


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