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How Can We Help This Improve Your Office Day?

The 4th October marks Improve Your Office Day. The office might not rank as someone’s favourite place in the world, but it is also where we all spend a lot of time and now companies are making a conscious effort to ensure that office space is as appealing as possible. From slides to games rooms, stand up desks to gyms, offices are getting cooler every day. While Britannia Turnbulls might not be able to help with some of these “cooler” ideas, we can help improve your office in other ways.

Business Removals

Britannia Turnbulls are experts in helping businesses move office. Whether it’s moving to larger premises or downsizing, Turnbulls staff can call upon the expertise of helping Leeds City Council, Leeds University and the NHS move premises. It’s fair to say that a business removal can be seen as a bit of an ordeal, but Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds can make it run as smooth as possible so that you can make that dream of a cooler office for your company a reality.

Storage Services

Self-storage can be a really great option for small and large sized businesses. If your office is overrun by stock then moving to a self-storage unit frees up space on your premises but also ensures that your stock is in a secure location. The appeal of self-storage is that your stock and belongings are secure and also accessible around the clock for when it suits your business best.

Confidential Shredding

Despite the rise of paperless offices, businesses and offices get through a lot of paper. A lot of this can contain confidential information. Whether its bank records or simply an email address, disposing of confidential information correctly has become a vital responsibility in the modern world. Whether its an office console, locked wheelie bin or shredding sacks – Britannia Turnbulls’ paper shredding service can take care of this responsibility for you so that you know your confidential waste is being destroyed safely.

Document Management

Disposing of confidential data is vital, but sometimes documents and data need to be kept on record for future reference. Ensuring that these documents are stored in a secure and safe place not only frees up office space but also ensures that they are exactly where you want them to be. Turnbulls’ document management system also provides your documents with an individual catalogue number so that we know exactly where they are when you need them.

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