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How Storage Can Help Students

Saturday 15th October saw the passing of World Student Day, a day that celebrates the impact of students on the local community and the impact of international students on multiculturalism. Britannia Turnbulls is a proud Leeds company that has served the city for removals, storage and other services for over a century. In that time, Leeds has developed into a popular university city with the University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds Trinity University attracting people for studies from all over the UK and the world.

Between Term Time

Studying in a new city can result in uncertainty and a bit of moving around. Student storage can be a really useful ally to any student that has moved to a new city. The end of term time usually results in a move either from halls of residence or student housing. If there is a crossover that doesn’t suit or you simply want to keep the belongings you are leaving in your student city, then student storage options ensure that your belongings are kept safe at a reasonable cost, so that you don’t need to worry about the safety of your items while you are enjoying your time off.

Spending a Term or Year Abroad

Universities gearing towards international students means that studying abroad or even just spending as little as a term abroad is on the rise. This has resulted in a growth of international students heading to the UK or the opposite direction to study in Europe or further afield. Whether you are an international student looking to spend some time at home away from the UK or a student based in the UK looking to study abroad, the security of your belongings is paramount while you are out of the country.

Student storage options can help stem those worries with different periods of storage and size of units all available.


Britannia Turnbulls has been based in Leeds since the 19th century and has helped a lot of students either with removals or storage in that time. Students are a big part of Leeds life in the 21st century and Britannia Turnbulls’ location on Education Road on the outskirts of Leeds city centre and Headingley, provides perfectly convenient location for the many students that live in the area.

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