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Pack it in – DIY or call the professionals?

It’s been stressful….but the deal is done and your house move is definitely going ahead! Hurrah! Now just the small task of packing up all your worldly possessions to go then…

Most of us have a declutter before we put our house on the market – maybe hiding stuff away in the loft or garage (surely potential buyers wouldn’t nose around in there too much?), or possibly sending some stuff off to self-storage to make sure it was well out of the way for any viewings.

But even if some stuff was shipped off then, it’s a pretty safe bet you have plenty more which needs boxing up ready for moving day.

It can seem like, at best, a daunting job, but at worst, totally overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you pack up those bits which you’re still using? Should you leave it all until the last minute and blitz it in a day? After all if you take your time you’re only going to get sidetracked reminiscing over everything you find and arguing with the other half about what is an essential item and which should be heading towards the charity shop bag.

If packing isn’t your idea of fun (is it anyone’s?), a good option is to leave it to the professionals. We can offer a packing service which can help take some of the stress out of moving. One of our team of experts will come and look around your house (be honest about what might be lurking unseen but which needs packing!), and can let you know how much time and what cost might be involved. But you’ll be amazed how quickly the professionals can get the job done (It does help that those aforementioned moments of nostalgia over old baby clothes and arguments over what should be chucked don’t happen!).

The experts are also best placed to safely pack up your most precious belongings. Using only the best packing materials, they will individually wrap items like glassware and crockery to ensure it reaches your new home in the same condition they left the old one. Everything will be put into good quality boxes which are not left too heavy to lift, and properly labelled for easy unloading at the other end. You can also discuss with them the best way to pack any awkward or particularly valuable items which might be concerning you.

With the removers taking care of packing, you don’t need to worry about running over, or still packing up as the new owners take up residence on your doorstep with their keys poised. (You wouldn’t believe how many new homes we turn up to when the old owners are nowhere near finished packing…stressful for everyone involved!). It leaves you free to focus on getting you, your family and pets to your new home safely, and doing those last minute jobs like reading the meter and checking nothing has been forgotten.

As with any move, we just recommend you keep a self-packed suitcase or box in the boot of your car with your essentials – a change of clothes, nightwear, bedding, kettle, medicines, toothbrushes, towel, torches, toilet roll and a few tools – so that if things do run over, you know you can get into your new home, have a cup of tea and go to bed, ready for the big job of unpacking the next day. Deciding where to put all your knick-knacks in your lovely new home is definitely the more fun side of it all!

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