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Get set for Garage Sale Day with Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds

Saturday the 13th August marks Garage Sale Day, a time when people across the globe are inspired to clear out, get organised and perhaps find some hidden gems!

For many the garage represents the place in our homes which we could be accused of neglecting the most. Piles of old toys fill boxes, precious family heirlooms begin to decay and the old BBQ occupies its usual corner until the next heat wave. We dream of tackling the clutter and creating a more harmonious and useable space yet somehow never quite get round to it.

Here at Britannia Turnbulls we are keen to help customers create and maintain order and believe that Garage Sale Day is the perfect time to knuckle down and get started. Our handy guide on how to efficiently clean out your garage might just be the inspiration you’re looking for

1 – Begin with a clear plan – work out how long the clear out will take and what you might need. If you’re lifting heavy items make sure to prepare by renting the correct equipment/roping in extra pairs of hands and researching how best to transfer them.

2 – Pop along to our Leeds’ premises to collect some sturdy boxes and then locate a thick pen. Items being stored away should always be clearly marked, you don’t want to spend hours looking for that one fancy dress costume come Halloween!

3 – If you’re going to hold a garage sale make sure you begin advertising early and choose an appropriate time. A Saturday afternoon during the summer holidays is likely to draw a much bigger crowd than a dreary Tuesday morning in November.

4 – If you’re planning a sale, consider your pricing strategy and run through plans with any helpers. That designer handbag is certainly worth more than the £4 your teenage son might be willing to sell it for!

5 – Prepare to be ruthless, you’re trying to create a clean environment free of junk. Make sure to think carefully about what can be sold, given away or put into storage.

6 – Be mindful of personal safety. Any confidential or private documents should be stored securely or shredded to ensure personal details don’t fall into the wrong hands. The Britannia document shredding service is safe, cost effective and reliable. Take a look on our website for further information.

7 – If you can’t bare to part with items but are desperate for some extra space why not store your precious belongings with us. We offer a wide range of options including secure on-site storage rooms in a range of sizes, mobile storage, document storage, office storage and furniture storage.

So there really is no better time to create a clean and serene new space with the help of Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds. What are you waiting for?

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