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How We Help the People of Yorkshire

The first day of every August is a proud day for the county of Yorkshire as it celebrates Yorkshire Day. As a Leeds based company since 1876, we are proud to have served “God’s Own County” as one of the region’s leading removals companies. So we thought that we would look into our own small contribution to this great county over the years and how we have helped many Yorkshire men and women.


The reason Britannia Turnbulls first came to help the people of Yorkshire was by offering removals. From our base in Leeds we have helped people move to, from and across Yorkshire with the same care and attention. Our team have also helped numerous businesses move office or premises across the region.

It is one of our proudest achievements to have spent over 130 years providing committed and expert helping people move across the Yorkshire region.


Another one of our services to the people of Yorkshire is to keep their items safe and secure. Through self-storage and container storage, we provide expert service that helps keep the valuables of our customers secure. And if there is one thing you should know about a Yorkshireman, they are very conscious of their valuables and belongings! So make sure you keep those Yorkshire Day decorations safe by keeping them secure until 1st August next year!

Document Shredding

Confidentiality has become a huge part of modern life with identity theft one of the biggest crime threats in the UK. We are committed to helping people combat this threat by working within the legislation and regulations of the Data Protection Act and providing a document shredding service that is second-to-none in the area. Our promise is to ensure that if you choose our shredding service, we will professionally destroy all confidential information with the key aim to keep the identity of our loyal customers safe.

Overseas Removals

If, for some surprising reason, you are keen to leave the Yorkshire area and the UK all together, we are committed to providing a reliable overseas removal service that you can depend on. Whether it is a European move or something more international, we can offer the expertise required for a big move but with the Yorkshire business values that we have always adhered to and are proud of. Moving overseas can be a stressful ordeal, so our aim is to take the stress out of it for our customers and maybe hope for a cup of Yorkshire tea in return!

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