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What To Consider: Your Self Storage Facilities Guide – Part 1

It happens to thousands of people. You’re desperately searching for space to fit your growing collection of belongings, but you just can’t find the room anymore. They’re becoming a nuisance around the home, but you’re not willing to sell them or throw them away. Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds provides the best self storage Leeds has to offer, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to dealing with a growing pile of space-hoarding belongings. If you’re inundated with possessions and need to reclaim some vital space, then self storage could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here, we look at what you should consider if you’re thinking about employing the services of a self storage company, so you can find the safest, most affordable and reliable storage solution available. It might be daunting, but stick with us and you’ll find your storage problems vanquished.

Self storage facility

Kind of storage you need

To make the most of self storage, you should have an idea of the size and type of storage you require before jumping in. Having an accurate idea of just how many items you need to store will instantly narrow down the size of storage you need to look for. This will stop complications later on if you have underestimated – and need to buy more storage space – or overestimated – and are wasting money on empty space.

Some firms will also offer many different kinds of storage, suited for different items. If you need furniture storage, document or office storage, container storage – for when you don’t need regular access to your belongings – or regular self storage, there should be plenty of options available to you.


If you need to access your belongings somewhat regularly, then the physical location of the facility will play an important factor. You will want to look more local if you think you’ll be making journeys to and from the facility often. If you don’t plan on visiting the facility very much at all, then you have a wider choice for location. You can expand your search beyond your local area, perhaps allowing you to prioritise price rather than distance. But be sure that you’re being realistic in your assumptions. You don’t want to start using a facility over an hour’s drive away then find out you need to access it much more than anticipated. It might be safer to stay relatively close to home.


Access to the facility itself will also be a deciding factor in your choice. Keep in mind opening hours and potential access outside of operating hours as prior arrangement might be needed. Also consider potential restrictions or complications to accessing your own personal unit. Are there multiple floors? Is the loading bay covered? How suited is the unit to frequent loading and unloading? These are all questions you should ask when talking to  a storage firm, making sure the unit suits your needs will make any journey to the facility much more manageable and expeditious.


It can be hard to calculate just how much space all your belongings will take up. It’s best to have at least a rough idea of how much storage space you will realistically need. Figuring out how many boxes or van loads your belongings make up will help you find the correct proportions when talking to a self-storage company. Here is a list of some of the  common sizes of storage rooms, and what you might expect to fit inside them:

  • 25 sq ft. Fit the contents of an average garden shed.
  • 50 sq ft. Fit the contents of a one bedroom flat or one removal van load of goods.
  • 100 sq ft. Fit the contents of a two bedroom flat/house – around the size of an average home’s garage.
  • 150 sq ft. Fit the contents of  a three bedroom house.
  • 250 sq ft. Fit the contents of a four/five bedroom house.

For the best self storage Leeds has to offer, look no further than Britannia Turnbulls of Leeds. Our friendly, experienced team will help you find the perfect self storage solution so you can save space and money with affordable and secure storage for household items of all sizes. We provide storage services in and around Leeds so get in touch today by calling 0113 209 3147 today or via our contact form  to discuss your storage needs – we will be happy to help.


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