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The Whole Kit & Caboodle from Turnbull’s

It isn’t just the fact that we are the oldest running removal company based in Leeds that fills everyone at Britannia Turnbull’s with pride. It is the fact that the company as a whole has frequently developed over the course of that 150 year history in order to provide a modern and up-to-date service.

Whether you are planning a home removal or a commercial removal, Turnbull’s all round service has ensured that should there be any delays, hiccups or added requirements then we are as equipped as possible so our clients aren’t frantically calling around at the last minute.


With each removal comes an element of packing. Plenty of our clients choose to pack themselves which is perfectly fair, but we understand that it is quite an ordeal to take on. So we are on hand to provide a professional packing service if required. The sooner you book this the better though as we have to schedule any packing service in to our staff hours.

Also, Turnbull’s are on hand to provide any packing materials to aid your removal. If you are packing yourself then get in touch and ask about purchasing the professional standard boxes that our own removal crews use.


Keeping storage with your removal company is a great way of keeping things easy. If something happens with your move, or you need to store some items intermittently or you are simple downsizing, Turnbull’s can provide the ideal storage service. The items will be loaded in to storage containers at your location with an inventory taken, they will be taken straight to our secure warehouse where they will be kept until you need them. Then all you need to do is book in with us when to have them delivered to a new location or to have them opened at our premises.

Keeping your storage with your removal company means that this process is kept under one roof and you aren’t liaising with different companies and trying to fit different timescales together.


If it’s a home removal and you need to clear out your study, or you are planning a commercial move – the Turnbull’s document shredding service is a perfect addition to the removal. Our service will ensure complete security over the personal data in your documents until they reach the shredding plant at our premises. Another service that is best kept under one roof.

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