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The ‘Average’ Homeowner

A look at the property pages of any local newspaper will tell you that, from bijou apartments to stately homes, our houses come in all shapes and sizes.

But Sarah Beeny’s online estate agency Tepilo has conducted some research into the average homeowner, which makes for interesting reading.
According to the research the average UK home buyer has a budget of £205,221, has owned two properties in their life time and is most likely to buy a three bedroom semi in the suburbs with their partner or spouse. One in five, on the other hand, chooses to buy alone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, location is the most important consideration for 65 per cent of people, followed by number of bedrooms (56 per cent) and size of garden (41 per cent). Buyers are also tempted by kitchen diners and a downstairs toilet.

In terms of location, good transport links, being close to shops and supermarkets and areas with low crime rates were deemed the most desirable. And if you’re looking to appeal to young house buyers – it’s apparently vital to be near a good pub!

The idea of a ‘forever’ home is quite a new concept – but it seems by the time we’re 44 we expect to be in it! One in three over 55s are sceptical a forever home is a thing – so maybe they’ve just not found theirs yet…

One in 10 people said they would go £30,000 over the asking price if necessary to secure their dream home – although many of us are buying properties not necessarily to live in, but as an investment (32 per cent).

So if you’re considering a move, if you can help your house tick the boxes of the ‘average’ buyer, it seems the British appetite for homeowning is still going strong!

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