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Questions you should ask your removals company!

You’re moving house!

You’ve done the tricky bits of finding a new place, selling your home, appointing solicitors, mountains of paperwork – and now all that’s left is to get yourself and all your worldly possessions moved.

Well, when you put it like that, it actually sounds like quite an important bit of the process. Yet many people don’t give it the care and attention they should, leaving plans to the last minute, or vaguely imagining they’ll hire a van and work out a way to make it happen on the day.

It may be that straightforward for some – but if you’ve got a three-bed house to move to another town, within the space of a few short hours, then you may want to call in the professionals.

But how do you know what to ask or how to check you’re getting a good deal? These people are going to be looking after and transporting everything you own. It’s important, so don’t rush the decision or make a choice based simply on a price found on a website.

Here is our handy list of questions to consider, to help you make sure you have everything covered:

  • Before you even pick up the phone or send an email, do your research. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and look online for reviews.
  • All reputable companies should come and take a look at your home and the goods they’ll have to move to ensure they give you a quote based on your exact situation. That also allows you to meet some of the team face-to-face, which is always a good idea.
  • When the quote arrives, ask for a full breakdown of what the cost includes, so you can be sure there won’t be any unexpected bills. Don’t assume anything.
  • Are you paying for a period of time, or for the job to be done no matter how long it takes? If it’s the first of those double check what happens in certain scenarios outside of your control – for example the current occupier taking longer than expected to move out, or a traffic jam.
  • Are they a member of BAR (British Association of Removers)? This is important as they will have to abide by a code of conduct and they will be regularly audited. It gives you peace of mind as a consumer.
  • Are they fully insured? What does that cover?
  • Do you want and do they offer a packing service? How does that work and what extra costs are involved?
  • Do they supply boxes, and if they’re not included, can they supply them at a cost, along with equipment such as tape and bubble wrap or tissue paper? Can they supply specialist boxes which may help with your packing – such as for wardrobes, golf clubs or wine bottles?
  • Can they safely transport any specialist, valuable or delicate items you might have, such as musical instruments, antique furniture, or artwork?
  • Have they dealt quickly and competently with any queries you’ve had? If it’s hard work getting hold of them now, how hard might it be if you have any problems?

Once you’re happy with all of the above, it’s down to gut feel – do you trust these people to take good care of all of your possessions? If so – then happy moving!

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