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Doing Your Homework!

If you’ve got a home with a study you could be on to a winner, according to new research.

Statistics show that one in seven Brits (4.2 million) now work from home – which is up 800,000 from 10 years ago. This is due to a combination of things. There are higher levels of self employment and many more internet-based businesses and entrepreneurs that perhaps don’t need a physical office. Many larger companies have started offering more flexible working arrangements, as technology has allowed people to work from anywhere with WiFi. And then there are the people who actively choose home working to avoid commuter stress with the crawling traffic, high parking charges, or ever-increasing rail fares.

Some people are even opting to build garden offices, which look like very fancy sheds that you might actually consider living in. Less spider webs and rusty garden tools, and more a desk with a view and plenty of space for a filing cabinet or two!

Of course, converting a bedroom is always an option – but when it comes to marketing your home for sale, you’ll either have to say it has less bedrooms but it does have a study, or lose the home office label.

But it definitely seems that if you’re looking to sell your home either now or in the future, a home office could be a strong selling point.

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