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Planning a winter move

The weather has definitely taken a turn into the wintery – and Christmas is only a few weeks away. The seasons are changing!

As a removal firm we often find that people are nervous of moving house in the winter. It’s a fear we understand – what if the weather is really bad? What if the van can’t get to me? Do we want to be moving in the dark? But rest assured, with 150 years of experience we’ve handled our fair share of winter home removals and there’s nothing to worry about. If it’s at all possible, we’ll get you safely into your new home!

We’re still very busy even throughout the winter, so make sure you get in touch as soon as possible to book in your preferred date – especially given there’s Christmas and bank holidays to work around.

Here are our top tips to help everything go smoothly if you’re planning a winter move.

  • DIY? – we appreciate some people prefer to move themselves. However, bear in mind the weather might not be great and it may be icy. Do you feel confident driving a van in those circumstances, especially given a smaller van means more trips? If not, don’t risk it – hire in the professionals.
  • Don’t worry too much about the weather – it’s always worth keeping an eye on forecasts, but it’s rare we have such bad weather that the removals van couldn’t get out. Of course, it may depend where you’re moving – high up a mountain in the peaks might be trickier in the snow! But we did get Sir Edmund Hillary’s stuff to him when he was climbing Mount Everest so we’ll still try our best. Any worries or particular concerns you’ve thought of, chat them through with our team and we’ll come up with a plan.
  • Ice ice baby – If paths are icy, try and clear off the worst of it and spread some grit – make it as safe as possible for the removals team and your belongings they’ll be carrying!
  • Don’t be in the dark – it’s possible you may be moving in when it’s already dark. So, make sure your utilities will be switched on and ready to go, and take some spare light bulbs just in case (people sometimes take them all from their old home!)
  • Dress in layers – so you can get warm or cool down as needed. It’s often hot work carrying boxes but if you’re standing still unpacking you may get chilly. And you might not want to put the heating on if the front door is open all day. Take a portable heater if you’re worried about the cold, you can always close the door in one room to warm up!
  • Get the best boxes – make sure your boxes are good quality – you don’t want them going soggy from the rain and collapsing. We can help with packaging supplies which will be up to the job.
  • Carpet cleaning – you don’t want to be stressing about dirty carpets in either the house you’re leaving or the one you’re moving into. People won’t be able to take off their shoes whilst carrying heavy items of furniture so it’s good planning to put down some carpet protector or towels or even cardboard – just make sure there’s no trip hazards. We don’t want any broken china!
  • Essentials kit – Keep some emergency items with you in your vehicle. Include winter clothing, grit, de-icer, a torch and a shovel – amongst things like a screwdriver, toilet rolls, snacks, medicines and a kettle. You’ll all be grateful of a hot drink if it’s a bit chilly! Make sure your bedding is easily accessible so you have blankets and duvets handy for bedtime.
  • Choose the best – As always, remember to choose a BAR-approved removals company such as ourselves to give you extra peace of mind about the service you will receive.

So, if you’re thinking about a winter move there’s no need to delay – give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat through any questions.

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