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7 top tips to make packing for your move a breeze

Once you’ve found your new home, the sales process is underway, the mortgage secured – the next most scary part of the home moving process, people tell us, can often be the packing!

We appreciate that packing up everything you own can seem like a daunting process – so much so, it’s easy to put it off! (but please don’t – we guarantee you’ll regret it when you’re still trying to empty your kitchen cupboards at lunchtime on move day!). But it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, we could condense this list into one top tip – hire in the professionals! With 150 years of removals expertise we can get a house safely packed in next to no time with our packing service.

But if you want to pack yourselves, or at least tackle some of your stuff, here’s our insider’s top tips to make it stress-free and successful!

  1. Start early. Do a box a day and it won’t seem such a hassle. Start with things like the loft or garage, where you rarely need to access it. Then move to things like clothes you’re unlikely to need in the short term, decorative items and kitchen items. Yes, we all have that one cupboard full of waffle and smoothie makers which have never made it out of the box.
  2. Don’t buy cheap. Like most things in life, cheap things don’t tend to last. If you buy cheap packaging it will often end up breaking or crushing. Not ideal when it’s storing your fine china.
  3. One size does not fit all. Use different packaging for different items. Heavy items like books should be in smaller boxes or they’ll be too heavy to lift. Bedding and other soft items can be transported in big bags, as long as they’re a good quality and not likely to easily rip.
  4. From heavy to light. It may sound obvious, but it’s easily forgotten when trying to pack a whole house. When packing a box make sure heavier items are at the bottom and lighter items are at the top. Glasses and plates should be packed stood on their ends, not flat, as they will be stronger.
  5. My precious. For those important and delicate belongings, wrap each item individually in packing/ tissue paper with bubble wrap in between. Newspaper tends to leave print on things so isn’t ideal. You don’t want to have to clean it all at the other end.
  6. Don’t touch those drawers. Speak to your removals team but drawers with clothing in can usually be left full during the move. The whole unit can be wrapped whilst in transit to keep it safe and secure. We also provide hanging boxes for clothes on hangers, so you don’t have to pack your entire wardrobe. Much easier at the other end!

Emergency kit. It’s a good idea to keep a box with you which includes any important paperwork, any documents or details you might need and other essentials such as medicines, kettle and tea bags, a torch, toilet rolls, and anything needed for children

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