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Deck the halls with boughs of holly….and an on trend Christmas tree

An article caught our eye earlier this month looking at how Christmas decoration trends have changed over the last decade.

Although a lot of people probably still have the same tree they’ve had for years (and even the same box of baubles and tinsel passed down through the family), for many others Christmas decorations have become a bit of a statement and are updated and refreshed regularly. Everyone loves an instagrammable tree!

According to the experts at John Lewis, our (artificial) trees are now taller – with the previously commonplace four footer more often being replaced by a seven footer. Artificial trees are more likely to be found in homes as they’ve become better quality and more realistic looking – gone are the sparse trees of our childhoods! Baubles are more likely to be ‘statement’ rather than simple coloured circles – so dinosaurs, animals, food and anything you can think of could now be adorning our trees. We’ve seen avocados, skulls, doughnuts and emoji baubles – and everything in between. And colours have changed too – so it’s no longer just about the traditional reds and golds. Think more blush pink, white, copper and turquoise.

Sales of pre-lit trees at the famous department store have now surpassed those of non-lit trees (saves faffing around with bulbs) and tree skirts to hide the base are very on trend. Sure we remember having those at home circa 1980.

We’re all about a brilliant display of lights now too. When a tree would have held 160 lights a decade ago, it’s now more likely to hold a dazzling 480.

So, with all these mountains of decorations building up year after year (you never know when the trends may change again), where do you keep everything when it’s not adorning your living room? Self storage is a great option for keeping your items safe but out of your way. Not everyone has a large loft or a spare garage to put these things in come the 5th January – especially with more people converting them to create extra living space.

Or if you’ve realised that what you actually need is a bigger home to display more of your festive decorations come next Christmas time (with plenty of storage to keep them safe the other 11 months of the year), maybe now is the time to start looking for a lovely new home. We know a great removals company who would be happy to help get you moved!

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