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New year, new home

This week started with ‘Blue Monday’ – apparently the most depressing day of the year (good we’ve got that out of the way for 2020 then!). The reasons January 20th allegedly saw us all miserable was due to a combination of the weather, the fact it’s been a long time since the last pay day, Christmas being over and our New Year’s resolutions failing… well, when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound the best!

But to turn it on its head, January is actually a great time for daydreaming about plans for the rest of 2020 and beyond. If the weather is getting you down, maybe a move to sunnier climes could be on the cards? We’re sure we’re not the only ones who could definitely do with some winter sun!

Or perhaps you fancy a move to a bigger and better home in the UK, or this is the year you downsize to free up some cash. The property market is already starting to see some buds of Spring growth, with Rightmove recording a 15 per cent surge in buyer enquiries in the last month. That’s alongside the asking price of properties on the market being up 2.3 per cent. Things are looking brighter!

If you fancy making January dreams a reality, here at Britannia Turnbulls we can help with all your removals requirements. If you are already on the property ladder the first thing you’ll probably want to do is have a good clear out ready to get your house on the market. We can help with self storage facilities in Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield. A lot of our clients find it best to go minimalist ahead of the estate agent coming round to take photos and before the viewings begin. Lots of furniture, cluttered work surfaces and storage units bursting at the seams can make any home look smaller than it actually is – so a good clear out can help you achieve the best possible sale.

If you’re planning a move overseas self storage or container storage may be of use to store belongings you don’t initially want to take with you. Your items are kept safe and undisturbed, and you are free to go and live out some adventures without worrying about them.

We’ve helped thousands of people move home over the 150 years we’ve been in business – too many to even count! Some have been moving overseas and across the globe and we’ve helped find the best way to get their belongings safely to them at just the right time, whether that’s by air or shipping. We’ve even offered advice on getting furry friends safely from a to b through specialist pet transporters!

Other customers have been moving to the next street or across a city – and either way we take the same care and attention to make sure everything is moved as safely and efficiently as possible. We aim to take much of the stress away on move day.

So, if we can help your ‘new year, new home’ dreams come true, why not get in touch. Perhaps Blue Monday will help prompt something new and exciting!

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