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What Storage Option Suits Me?

Secure storage can be an ideal solution for many different people. But the two types of storage might suit certain people in different situations.

Container storage and self-storage are two slightly different methods of storing belongings but have slightly different advantages.

Container storage is ideal if you don’t need regular access to your items. Belongings and items are packed and sealed inside a container on the completion of an inventory and forklifted into a secure warehouse. Self-storage provides regular access to your goods in a specifically sized unit. Here a few examples of how storage can help different types of people.

Moving Home

Partaking in a removal forces movers to go through their belongings thoroughly. This can prompt people to have a bit of a clear out, especially if downsizing to a smaller home. But some items may be too precious to throw away. Maybe there are belongings with sentimental or monetary value or you are a collector that can’t quite throw away your collection. Container storage would be ideal in this situation as the removal company can fill the containers straight from your home where they will be secured and taken to a safe warehouse. So you can rest knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.


Student living can result in a lot of moving around. Whether its halls of residence or student housing, there can be a lot of movement of your belongings, especially if you are studying in a different city far from home. Self-storage can be an ideal solution for this situation as you know exactly where your items are, that they are safe and you don’t need to be constantly moving them around in between term time. Self-storage also provides round the clock access to your items whenever you might need them.

Business Owners

When owning a business that especially deals with different levels of stock, the owner will need somewhere safe to keep their items available but also secure. Not all businesses quite reach the level of requiring a specific warehouse, so self-storage can be a great solution for this. This is especially the case for seasonal businesses that have growing levels of stock in peak periods throughout the year. Self-storage ultimately provides security to valuable stock but also allows regular access for when orders need to be serviced.

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