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Using Images to Sell Your Home

In the modern days, most of what we purchase is viewed online and the housing market is no different. The boost in online estate agencies over the past decade and beyond has made it easier to view properties that are fresh on to the market. But one thing has remained from viewing new properties in an estate agent’s window to viewing them online – images provide the buyer with an important first impression. As featured in the Yorkshire Post, an estate agent in York split the importance of images down to three fundamental points.

Keep It Professional

At the high end of the market, most estate agents insist on using a professional interior photographer to best capture the home. The average price for a service like this is £300 but it will help ensure that quick sale. For the remainder of the market, the estate agent will take the pictures themselves and will focus on the best assets of the property to make sure that it stands out. At every level of the market, filling the carousels of images on housing websites with great images has never been so important and could make all the difference.

Have a Clear up

It may seem like an obvious one but it has to be remembered – make sure that your property is shown in its best light. Therefore, get rid of all of the clutter, toys, mess and personal touches that make your house look lived in. It should be as easy as possible for the viewer or searcher to imagine themselves living in the advertised property. Having personal mess or items may deter those feelings.

Take The Weather With You

Believe it or not but good weather often correlates with a spike in homes being put up for sale. It’s believed that sellers or estate agents make a conscious effort to delay putting properties for sale until they can arrange good images with blue skies above the roof and sun light beaming through the windows. Even if you aren’t quite ready to put your home up for sale, get your photos arranged on a sunny day in preparation for that autumn, winter sale.

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