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Summer movin’

When it comes to home-moving, lots of people still have very traditional views on timings. Most people put their homes on the market in Spring, after a good Spring Clean, when the weather starts to make everything look a bit brighter, and the clutter of Christmas is long gone.

According to Post Office Money, the average home takes 3 months to sell (96 days to be precise) – although of course many will be much quicker and some much longer. Add to that the six to eight week sale and purchase process to lead to completion, it’s no wonder that summer becomes a crazy busy time for home moves.

It’s certainly something we’ve experienced over the years – from June through to the end of September, the teams in the removals vans can expect to be kept pretty busy!

So, with that in mind, what can you do to ensure you have a smooth move if you’re hoping to complete on a property in those hectic months?

The first thing to do is to give your chosen removal firm as much notice as possible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a firm move date just yet, but make sure they’ve come to your home and assessed what level of service you require, so you have your quote and are ready to go when you know what’s happening. Always make sure you choose a firm which is BAR (British Association of Removers) registered and approved, like we are. That way you can ensure the quality of service you’ll receive is guaranteed.

We always recommend you take out cancellation or postponement insurance, as many house moves end up having to change at the last minute due to paperwork or money transfer issues – or worst of all get cancelled altogether. Bear in mind that if dates end up not coinciding by a day or two, we can store your belongings – sometimes it’s easier to move out and stay with friends or family or in a hotel for a couple of days, than to try line everyone up. It also means you’ve only one house to sort in a day, which is far less exhausting!

Don’t automatically book the move for a Friday – there’s no reason that a house move has to complete at the end of the week, despite what anyone may try to tell you! It’s definitely the busiest day of the week, so if you can choose a different day you’re much more likely to be able to get your choice of removal firm. The end of the month also seems to be more popular, which is something to bear in mind when planning.

If the day is hot (not usually an issue, but this summer is definitely proving us wrong!) remember that moving is very physical, warm work, especially if there’s lofts to empty. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated – keep drinks, cups and kettles near to hand, and your removals team will appreciate the odd offer of refreshments too!

If you’re planning a move this summer, it’s not too late to get in touch – why not give us a call?

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