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A Look Back at Britannia Turnbull’s 150th Year of Removals

What a year for Britannia Turnbull’s Removals. It has been a year of celebration as the oldest Leeds based removal company reached 150 years old. Established in 1867, Turnbull’s of Leeds has a proud history which we have celebrated in many ways including a look at what was happening in 1867 when Turnbull’s Removals of Leeds born. This was a great insight in to the history of the removal company and gave everyone on the team a sense of pride delivering a service 150 years in the making.

Here are three other ways that we celebrated our 150th birthday.


After having over 200 vans featuring in the fleet down the years, Britannia Turnbull’s invested another £100,000 on a brand new Scania van. The huge new van is a world away from the horse and cart that was first used by the company for removals when it was first operating in the 19th century. The brand new vehicle proudly shows off the British Association of Removers (BAR) accreditation that the company continues to hold.

Office Manager, Fay Chapman, said at the time, “In 150 years of history Turnbulls has got through quite a few removal lorries – but it’s still always exciting to get the latest, most up-to-date models. Despite the slowing property market, it has been a busy year for the company and the time was right to make an investment in a new vehicle, to allow us to continue to grow as we enter 2018.”


Turnbull’s Removals has a proud history within the city of Leeds and beyond to look back on. It was the belief that having a Turnbull’s removal van outside your home while moving was a sign off affluence way back when. But the true highlight for the removal company was helping Sir Edmund Hillary’s kit to the Himalayas for his first expedition to the summit of Mt Everest in 1953. An endorsement that we are extremely proud of.

The nostalgia continued as we had a look at some previous items, objects and images from our history including a 1931 flyer.

More of the Same

Possibly the best celebration of Turnbull’s removals was another successful year within the industry. Turnbull’s has experienced a busy year in amongst a difficult climate to continue delivering the first class service for removals to, from and across the city of Leeds.

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