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The Power of a Name!

According to a new report put out by Zoopla, there’s quite a lot to be said for having the ‘right’ name – when it comes to where you live.

If you want your property to be worth more, it might be an idea to gather your neighbours together, and start campaigning your local authority now to change your street name to “Warren”. Apparently homes on Warrens (as in the name, not the kind a rabbit lives in) are worth more than double the national average.

After that you want to be heading for a ‘Chase’ where the average home will set you back more than £480,000. Mounts are worth in the region of £390,000.

But, unfortunately, if you live on just a plain old ‘Street’, you’re going to fare less well, with homes there worth the least at £184,000 – less than two thirds the national average. Don’t tell that to the Prime Minister – apparently No 10 may not be such a desirable address! Courts and Terraces also don’t make the cut I’m afraid.

Call us cynical, but we suspect there are just far fewer Warrens and Chases and those there are probably tend to be in the more expensive suburbs. So we doubt it’s worth relocating, thinking this is how you’re going to make your millions!

Out of interest, apparently the most common address in the UK is a ‘Road’ with over 2.1 million properties calling that home. And ironically the most expensive address in England is Victoria Road in Kensington, so that’ll do for us!

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