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The growing importance of our gardens – how outdoor space is driving house moves

No one could have predicted at the start of 2020 that we’d spend a fair chunk of the next year (and then some…) mainly staying at home. Much anticipated holidays put on hold, mini breaks cancelled and even day trips impossible. Our individual worlds, for all their differences, all shrunk dramatically.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that our homes became more important than ever before. We needed more space and probably at least one home office. Those who had access to a multitude of lovely walks from their doorstep seemed to have won the lottery, and those with gorgeous, generously-sized gardens were the envy of us all.

With the weather turning out to be one of those Spring and Summers we remember from childhood – lots of sunshine and blue skies – being able to chill in a glorious green garden and enjoy it was the pinnacle of what we were allowed to do. For those with kids it was space to let them run off some energy and get them away from screens and for those shielding it was the only fresh air they could have. Once we were allowed to meet people, it had to happen outdoors – so those with external space won again.

According to this article in the FT last summer, 83 per cent of UK surveyors anticipated demand increasing for homes with gardens over the next two years. The BBC reported that access to a garden was the most important thing for both home buyers and renters looking for a new property. Another report claimed 64% of people in the UK said they wouldn’t buy a property if it didn’t have an outdoor area. A third went so far as to admit a property’s outside space is actually more important to them than the inside.

That same report revealed that one in three people in the UK plan on moving to a property with more outdoor space in the next 12 months. So, if you’re looking to move house in the next year (if you need a removal firm in Leeds, give us a shout!) and you have a garden, what can you do with it to maximise the value you add to your home?

According to Rated People, the best thing you could do is add a swimming pool – however, for most of us, space and budget won’t permit that! After a pool, it’s adding a garden room – either for use as a home office, summerhouse or gym, which could add more than £5,000 to your house price. Having bifold doors from your home which can be opened up to bring the outdoors in were also seen to be a good investment.

After that, creating an area for outdoor entertaining, or a decked or paved patio could also add more than £4,000 to the asking price of a house. Mature plants, trees and flowers were also popular, potentially adding over £3,500 to the value of your home – however, it’s definitely not a quick fix unless you’re lucky enough to live in a house which enjoys that already!

If you’re looking for a company to help with a house removal in Leeds or beyond, get in touch. Our friendly team can’t wait to help make some garden dreams come true! (if you get a swimming pool, we will be very jealous…)

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