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Having a Covid-safe move

We’re now over a year on from when we were first told to stay home and save lives.

Yet despite many aspects of our lives being put on hold over that time, apart from the first few months removals have been able to continue on as before. Obviously with a few tweaks here and there for safety reasons!

With over 150 years of expertise in removals in Leeds, a pandemic on this scale was not something we ever expected to have to deal with. But our systems and teams adapted quickly and successfully and now we’re a well-oiled Covid-safe machine!

So, what should you expect if you’re moving house in Leeds or beyond with Britannia while restrictions remain in place?

  • We always say it but – plan ahead. This is more important than ever!The month of March was the busiest month we’d ever seen. We’re likely to remain busy given the stamp duty holiday has been extended. Get in touch as soon as you can, even if your dates aren’t agreed, so we can get you a quote and get you ready to go once you’re able to book in.
  • We’re remote in person – but not in practice! Speaking of quotes, we can do this remotely. A video survey lets us take a look round your home – and let’s face it we’re all far more used to video calls after the last year! You still get the opportunity to ask any questions of our friendly team.
  • Keeping their cool. Our removals teams sign in daily to confirm they have no symptoms and we take their temperature.
  • Just in case. If you do end up needing to isolate because you’ve come into contact with someone who has tested positive – or if indeed, someone in the household has a positive test – we will need to postpone the move sadly. Keep that in mind – and we do recommend you speak to us about insurance, as unforeseen circumstances can always arise!
  • Cleaning up. We’ll do our bit to keep as clean as possible – hands, vehicles, equipment, uniforms will all be properly sanitized. If you can do the same with your belongings and anything like door handles/light switches, it would be much appreciated. If it is at all possible for our team to have their own toilet and sink area to minimise contact, that’s great – but we appreciate it’s not always do-able! You could, however, consider getting disposable paper towels rather than sharing hand towels.
  • Pack it in. We can still offer our packing service, if you would like us to help you. However, if you’re packing yourself, we ask that it’s completed before we arrive and everything is boxed up and clearly labelled with where it needs to go in the new house.
  • Social distancing. We will ask you to remain in one room whilst the removal takes place – along with any pets and other family members. So, make sure you have things to keep you occupied and we can empty that room last of all. We’ll just ask you to show us around when we first arrive, for which we’ll wear masks.
  • A breath of fresh air. If it’s not blowing a gale, we recommend you open doors and windows to allow extra ventilation.
  • Hands off approach. We’re normally a very friendly bunch (we still are!) but we’ll try to minimise our interactions with you at the moment for obvious reasons. We also won’t ask you to sign anything or hand you paperwork – we’ll do that by email afterwards.

There really is nothing to worry about, but if you have questions, please do get in touch. And if you’re planning a move which needs a Leeds removal company – we’re still here to help you have a safe, smooth move!

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