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The Fourth Utility – Getting Connected!

You’re moving into your new home – hurrah! You’ve unpacked the last box from the van, you’ve found the kettle and you’re just about to sit down and enjoy your first cuppa in your new home.

But – shock horror – you turn on your phone or tablet to have a quick browse of what’s happening in the world….. and there’s no internet signal!

New research has shown that internet connection is now as important as electricity, gas and water to homeowners – it’s literally become the fourth utility.

Three quarters of adults access the internet every day. We use it for work, for keeping in touch, for watching programmes or films, for shopping – so many aspects of our lives, we don’t even realise half the time.

But despite most of us probably admitting how important it is, did you check the strength of the broadband signal before you bought your new home? If it’s not immediately clear, or you have no way of knowing, there are websites to help you do this.

What internet services are available in the area? Cable? Fibre Optic? Once you know what the options are make sure you organise a connection ready for when you move in. Treat it like your water or energy supplies, and bear in mind connections might take some time to sort out.

But if you want to be ordering a takeaway online on your first night in your new home – it’s essential!

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