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All I want for Christmas…Is a New Home!

For many people Spring is still seen as the ‘typical’ home moving period. It’s when families start dreaming of the new garden or conservatory they’d like by the summer, and the whole world looks brighter and sunnier, making for enticing estate agent pictures.

But actually, according to a recent news report, the last month has seen a marked increase in house viewings, with more and more people seeing the festive season as a good time think about a new home.

The report makes some good points about winter actually being a good time to buy a property. Without flourishing gardens, you can see the house more clearly, also making it more apparent where the house may feel exposed or overlooked. You can see if the house is weather-proof and how it stands up to any harsher conditions – is that a damp patch you can see? Is there any risk of flooding? Do any roof tiles look loose?

You can consider other practicalities. Does the house feel warm, for example – is its central heating effective? Of course houses can look more cramped in the run up to Christmas with decorations, cards and presents in every available space. So if you’re looking to sell, it might be an idea to keep things a bit more minimal when people come to look round. Maybe it’s this lack of space in the festive season making so many of us feel a move might be needed!

It seems this might be a trend that’s here to stay. Last year Rightmove reported an increase in web viewings of properties between Christmas and New Year. You may think everyone is too busy scoffing leftover turkey and the last of the Quality Street, but apparently some people like to use the bank holidays more effectively. Maybe it’s the new year’s resolution in us all, wanting to start 2016 with a plan in mind of where we want to be by next Christmas!

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