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Keep Your Pets Happy During a Home Removal

A removal can be stressful and unnerving for the whole household. It is understandable that the thought of moving all of your belongings, leaving a home behind and settling into a new area who bring some worries. This also applies to the furry members of the family. Our pets go through similar emotional change when moving to a new house and it’s easy to overlook that in amongst all of the business of a removal. So here is a helpful guide on how to help your pets and keep them happy through the changes of a home removal.

Ahead of the Move

Before your move day you should keep as much routine with your pets as possible. So if it’s a dog, maintain their usual walking times or with cats continue with your usual feeding plan. This will help your pets happy and calm in amongst the preparation for the move. With that in mind, if your pets have a favourite room or tend to prefer certain items of furniture, while packing it might be worth leaving some of these rooms or items to the last minute possible when preparing for the move.

With all this in mind, a key factor is to ensure that your pets still get the care and attention that they would normally.

On Move Day

The key on move day itself is to withdraw your pets from the activity of the removal completely. Not only does it avoid them from all the confusion but it makes it safer for removal crews to move items around knowing there isn’t a pet roaming around. Therefore ensure that your pet is left with a family member or friends until the move takes place. You could even book them in to a kennels or cattery.

Prepare for the return of your pets in the new property by ensuring that some familiar items such as toys, beds, blankets or furniture are in place at the new property. Pets love familiar smells and sights so moving them without washing them will help ease the confusion when they arrive.

After the Move

Allowing pets to explore their new surroundings is key here while also maintaining and rebuilding the new routine. It is slightly different for cats and dogs. For dogs, while on walks in their new neighbourhood, allow them to take in the new smells and territories. For cats, keeping them in the house and gradually allowing them access to a secured outdoor space is the best way to build them towards fully roaming around the new area.

With all pets that are prepared to roam around the new area, ensuring that their tags and collars are updated with your new details is vital.

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