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Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: New York & New England

Living in New York & New England

New York City is very much a symbol of the American Dream and immigration to America throughout the centuries. Its business, finance, technology, entertainment industries attract many seeking success.  But this corner of America is more than the “Big Apple”. New York State and the states that make up New England are enough to attract interest from those looking to move to America. New England is made up of the following states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont. New York State & New England are steeped in American history, have natural wonders and some of the most famous urban attractions in the world – it’s easy to see why it attracts interest.

Facts about New York & New England

  • There is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.
  • New York City has more people than 39 of the 50 states in the USA. One in every 38 people living in the United States resides in New York City.
  • New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia and has the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world. Roughly half the population speaks a language other than English within their own home.
  • The Hartford Courant is the USA’s oldest continuous newspaper having started in 1764 – this makes it older than the country itself.
  • Manhatten was purchased from the native people in 1626 for the modern equivalent of $1000.
  • There is an invisible shrimp called copepods that live in New York City’s water supply – they are completely harmless.
  • New England is home to a series of firsts. The first Dunkin’ Donuts opened in Quincy. Boston’s Subway system was the first of its kind in the western hemisphere. The first hamburger was served in Connecticut and both basketball and volleyball are believed to have been invented in Massachusetts.


Largest Metropolitan Areas in New York & New England (2014 estimates)

New York City, New York – 13,038,826

Boston, Massachusetts – 4,739,385

Providence, Rhode Island – 1,609,533

Hartford, Connecticut – 1,213,225

Buffalo, New York – 1,135,509

Rochester, New York – 1,079,671

Bridgeport, Connecticut – 945,816

Worcester, Massachusetts – 931,802

Albany, New York – 870,716

New Haven, Connecticut – 861,238

US Immigration Applicable for New York & New England

As mentioned in our other American international removal guides, the following immigration is meant as a cut down guide correct at the time of writing. For definitive information on gaining immigration to the USA, you should contact US Immigration or the US Embassy in London.

Student – there are two types of student visas that will allow the applicant to attend university or other academic institutions in America.

Employer – These are applied for by the employer and can include religious workers, company transfers, skilled or speciality occupations.

Immigrant – Applicants can be the fiancé or spouse of an American citizen and can also include children. These applications include medical examinations and vaccination checks.

Preparing for New York & New England

There are many lifestyles on offer in New York & New England. There is the hectic and busy life of some of America’s most recognised cities only hours away from tranquil countryside and rolling beaches. Immigration has brought diversity to this part of America which appeals to many.

There are a number of differing micro-climates across the states but the general rule of the area is to expect seasonal differences with rain through the year. Warm to hot or humid summers are contrasted by cold, sometimes severely cold, winters.

Moving to New York & New England

Moving to America couldn’t be simpler with Britannia Turnbull’s. Throughout our 150 year history we have dealt with international removals with main aim of making them as smooth as possible for our customers. These overseas removals include to New York City, New York State and the states that make up the New England region.

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