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Britannia Turnbulls’ International Guide: Florida, USA

Living in Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the most well-known regions in America. Known around the world for its beaches and exuberant lifestyle, Florida boasts a diverse population such as being attractive for retirees, having a large Cuban expat community and also celebrity residents.  The Florida peninsula stretches out into the Gulf of Mexico and therefore is one of only two America states to have a tropical climate.

Facts about Florida

  • Florida has the highest percentage of people over 65 in the USA (17%).
  • Tourism is the highest earning sector with Disney World the most visited vacation resort in the world. Disney World is effectively its own city. Disney petitioned to Flordia State to let the company govern its own land which essentially made Disney World is own separate city.
  • Florida is seen as the birth place of commercial flight after Tony Jannus flew the world’s first scheduled passenger flight from St Petersburg to Tampa in 1914.
  • Florida has more golf courses than any other state on the USA with over 1,300 courses.
  • Florida got its name from the first European to visit the region in 1513. It was branded “La Florida” which is Spanish for “land of flowers”.
  • Nowhere in Florida is further than sixty miles from a beach.
  • More than half of the USA’s cane sugar supply is produced in Florida and with nearly 50,000 farms and ranches; Florida sees a large production of fresh products such as tomatoes, melons, grapefruit, cucumbers and oranges.

Largest Cities in Florida (2014 Census)

Jacksonville, Duval – 853,382

Miami, Miami-Dade – 430,332

Tampa, Hillsborough – 358,699

Orlando, Orange – 262,372

St Petersburg, Pinellas – 253,693

Hialeah, Leon – 188,107

Fort Lauderdale, Broward – 176,013

Port St Lucie, St Lucie – 174,110

Cape Coral, Lee – 169,854

Florida Immigration Information

US immigration can be particularly complicated so, as with our other American international removal guides, the following advice should be seen as a quick summary correct at the time of writing. For complete and definite advice and information on obtaining immigration to Florida and the United States of America, you should contact US Immigration of the US Embassy in London.

Student – there are two types of student visas that will allow the applicant to attend university or other academic institutions in America.

Employer – These are applied for by the employer and can include religious workers, company transfers, skilled or speciality occupations.

Immigrant – Applicants can be the fiancé or spouse of an American citizen and can also include children. These applications include medical examinations and vaccination checks.

Preparing For Florida

Florida is a heightened example of American culture by being heavily influenced by immigrant settlers. Because of the larger Latino presence, this provides a more diverse style of living when mixed with the European influence. The tropical climate and coastline nature also has an influence and this is shown in regular walks of life such as food in Florida which has a many different components such as seafood, citrus, barbeques and Cuban/Caribbean.

Florida also has a rapid population increase compared to the rest of the USA which is due to international moves to the state, retirement and a tourism related economy.

Moving to Florida

Britannia Turnbull’s calls upon the large Britannia Movers International network which is second to none for international removals in the UK. That coupled with the 150 years of Turnbull’s removal history means that removals to Florida can be easily organised with one of our friendly, experienced advisors over the phone, via email or online.

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