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What to Look For When Choosing a Removal Company?

One of the toughest tasks when undertaking a home or business removal will be choosing which removal company to go with. This will take into account many factors such as cost and availability but overall, the feeling of whether you are comfortable with the removal company that you have chosen is most important. These are the people you are letting inside your home and trusting with your valued items, so it’s worth ensuring that you choose the right people. Here are a few things that we at Britannia Turnbulls think you should look out for when choosing a removal company.


A removal company’s credentials will set them apart as professionals from the more amateur style movers. The key things to look out for are whether a company is a member of the BAR – or British Association of Removers. Using a company that is a verified BAR member will ensure that you have the peace of mind needed for such an important job and that you are trusting a reputable and professional company. In the unlikely event that something went wrong with your removal, using a BAR member will also give you someone to turn to that you wouldn’t have with a company that isn’t a BAR member.


It’s an old fashioned saying but the customer is always right and you should look into what previous customers have said about a removals customer before booking. Here at Britannia Turnbulls we are proud of our customer testimonials and value feedback as it helps us improve our service. We send a customer comments form to each of our customers and you can find out what some of them had to say about our service here.

We also helped move Sir Edmund Hillary’s kit to the Himalayas for his first expedition to the summit of Mount Everest so we are pretty happy with that as a testimonial!

Test the Water

When selecting a removal company you should try a few different companies to compare different quotations for the move. This will give you a chance to size up each company as how professional they act when providing your quote. With most moves Britannia Turnbulls will send out an estimator to work with you to calculate the volume of the move which gives you the initial chance to get a first impression. We can also do these calculations with you over the phone.

Get To Know Them

As you are coming closer to booking your removal, you will have plenty of chance to get to know the company that you are working with. We provide a dedicated point of contact for you to run any queries by and to help you through the process.

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