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Turnbull’s Celebrates Yorkshire Day

It can be argued, and has been many times, that Yorkshire folk are as proud as it gets. There aren’t many other counties in the UK that are as proud of their lands and heritage as Yorkshire men and women. And here at Britannia Turnbull’s Removals of Leeds, we are now different. As the oldest operating removals company based in Leeds, our company has helped thousands of people, families and businesses with their removal.

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What is Yorkshire Day?

Yorkshire Day is a relatively recent celebration that began in 1975. That was arranged in Beverley by the Yorkshire Ridings Society as a protest movement against local government reforms which planned to split some parts of the historic three ridings into Humberside and Lancashire.

Why 1st August?

The day was already celebrated by the Light Infantry (previously the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) as “Minden Day” for their participation in the Battle of Minden.

The day also marks the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire, for which William Wilberforce, a Yorkshire MP and native, was a key campaigner for.

Yorkshire Day Today

There is no doubting that Yorkshire Day has received another boost due to modern society’s use of social media. It is doubtful that you will be able to check your social media timelines without noticing a reference to Yorkshire Day – in the case of Twitter, the Yorkshire Day hashtag will be top trend in the UK and worldwide.

There is still a political message behind Yorkshire Day but many use the day to celebrate the county’s rich history, heritage and identity. It is a tourism mechanism in order to drive people to visit the largest county in the UK and witness what it has to offer.

Official Celebrations

Each Yorkshire Day, the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity is recited in the city of York. There is also official celebrations that take place in a nominated Yorkshire town or city. This is convened by the Yorkshire Society which sees a civic gathering of lord mayors, mayors and civic heads. This tradition started in Huddersfield in 1998, has been to Wakefield in 2001, Leeds in 2004 and Sheffield in 2017 before being held in Ripon this year.

What Else Is On?

– The first ever Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Championships at Leeds Industrial Museum.

– World record attempt for the most flat caps worn in one place at one time at Kirkgate Market in Leeds.

– Bale racing, flat clap flinging and Yorkshire pudding tossing at York Maze.

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