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Getting a move on this Spring

Removals Van Two          Spring is the time of fresh starts, longer days and new beginnings. Which is why it is often the time when people start thinking about their home and getting it on the market ready for the next move.


Getting your home ready to sell can seem stressful – but there’s really just three things to keep in mind:

  1. Clutter is your enemy
  2. Light, bright and clean never goes out of fashion
  3. Try and help potential buyers see themselves living there


The first point is definitely the most important – you want people to be able to imagine their own furniture in the home, and still feel like there’s ample space to live, without feeling like the walls are moving in. The lack of space may even be the reason you’re leaving – but you don’t want the next buyer to feel like that before they’ve even moved in!


This is when self storage becomes important. No one is suggesting you have to throw everything away – but moving it to another location is a good idea. If you try and stick it in the garage or spare room, or have it bursting out of every cupboard, viewers will spot it and not be fooled!


Our self storage centre in Leeds is ideal – easily accessible, plenty of parking and a variety of units to suit your requirements. You can gain access whenever you need, so your items are still in easy reach if you realise something needs to go back home.


By getting rid of some of the ‘stuff’ you also help viewers see themselves living in the house – it becomes more of a blank canvas. While decluttering, it’s worth ensuring your rooms are selling the lifestyle they should. Make sure spare rooms are tranquil and welcoming – not stuffed full of junk with no other place to live. Studies should be somewhere peaceful and organized, and dining rooms somewhere you’d like to sit and eat every day. You may choose to use your dining room as a playroom and eat on your knees in the living room – but is that what other people would want?


Of course, once you’ve decluttered, it’s also easier to be able to freshen up paintwork and keep on top of the cleaning – automatically helping with point two!


Once you’ve got the house looking in tip top condition, hopefully you’ll have given it the best possible chance of a quick and easy sale – and as soon as you do, give us a call about home removals! Even if the sale will take a couple of months to go through, we can come and meet you, give you a quote on the work involved, and talk you through the whole process – from helping with packing to how we safely move that antique piano you’ve been worrying about.


So, whatever your Spring has in store – we hope it brings some exciting new beginnings! And if we can help one of those dreams come to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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