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Up & Coming Areas for Movers In Our Area

Previously in our Britannia Turnbull’s general guide to the city of Leeds, we provided three up and coming areas of the city proving popular with movers. The list was formulated by popular website Leeds-List in collaboration with local estate agent Linley & Simpson to identify popular, unsung and up and coming areas of the city. Turnbull’s Removals have been serving the city of Leeds as a removals company for 150 years and are delighted to introduce some hot areas of the city.


Well-known throughout the city due its ruined monastery, Kirkstall is seeing a resurgence with buyers. Not only is Kirsktall Abbey and the neighbouring Abbey House Museum one of the most popular attractions in Leeds, Kirsktall’s location is itself proving an attraction for buyers. Situated close by to Leeds city centre and the university campuses in Headingley, Kirkstall has always proven popular with students. But additional transport links including dedicated bus lanes running through the suburb as well as the opening of the Kirkstall Forge railway station has seen an influx of young buyers. Kirkstall is also well stocked with local amenities with the newly renovated Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park neighbouring a supermarket complex situated nearby to Kirsktall’s own library and swimming baths.

Cardigan Fields is also a big attraction to the area with some well-known bars and restaurants surrounding a cinema, bowling lanes and a trampoline park. One of Leeds’ favourite restaurants Viva Cuba is also across the road from Cardigan Fields. Kirsktall already had a lot to provide buyers but recent development has certainly enhanced its status.


In a similar way to Kirsktall, Armley is more associated with its attractions but is seeing a revival with buyers due to its proximity to transport links and Leeds city centre. Despite having a bit of a reputation for being one of the worst places to live in Leeds, Armley is focussing on the positives to revive the area. The local high street has become much more friendly for businesses and residents and is now considered to be back to its best.

Further housing developments stand to bring buyers to the area while local attractions bring in regular visitors. The suburbs history in industry has seen attractions such as the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills prove very popular, especially with children.


Two words identify Holbeck’s up and coming status – location and renovation. The Leeds city centre flats and apartment boom has spilled out of the city centre into Holbeck and the area is regenerating on the back of that. Coupled with developments at Leeds railway station and the proximity to the city centre, Holbeck is predicted to become a desirable suburb.

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