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Why Choose A Professional Removal Company?

When leading up to any house move, there are many things to weigh up. The main being what kind of removal service you are looking for. A question that is often asked of us is why certain man and van companies or other services can offer far reduced prices to others including Britannia Turnbulls removals. This is mainly because there are professional removal companies and some potential cowboys. A professional removal company comes with a number of additional benefits to you as a customer. Here are three examples of why using a professional removal company is worth your while instead of being tempted by man and van services or cowboy prices.

The British Association of Removers

When choosing a removal company you should always look out for whether the company is a member of the British Association of Removers. The BAR has been providing regulation for the removals industry for decades and members have to adhere to its standards to remain members. This means that verified members have to maintain a professional standard for its customers.

So as the BAR say themselves, “If you’re moving, look for the badge”. You can find ours below by clicking to verify.

A Professional Company Offering a Professional Service

Professional removals companies have to offer an industry standard service which is often monitored and checked upon by the BAR. This includes all of the services in the building up to your removal, packing services, packing materials, what happens on the move day itself and the services clients receive after their removal has been completed.

Britannia have put together a video showing the professional service that clients receive when using Britannia Turnbulls which you can find here.


Many removal companies have built a service base upon years, decades and in our case over a century of expertise. Removals is a personal service in which customers look for a reliable and dependable company to trust with their belongings. Looking for out for reputation when choosing a removal company is key and, in our case, we are proud of the 150 years of experience and believe it helps our clients feel at ease.

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