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Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: California & West Coast USA

Living in California & West Coast USA

The West Coast of the contiguous United States is made up of three states – California, Oregon and Washington and boasts some of the most famous cities in the world. The area was popular with European colonisation which has led to a distinctly more European feel across the three states. This added to a large Asian contingent, in California (San Francisco having North America’s oldest and most vibrant Chinatown area) especially, leads to a cosmopolitan society. This has led to a large share of “green cities” or “sustainable cities” in comparison to the rest of the USA, situated on the West Coast.

Movers to the West Coast of the USA remain at a strong level and this is largely due to desirable living conditions and thriving business.

Facts about California & West Coast USA

  • California has a larger population than the whole of Canada.
  • Washington is the only state to be named after a president of the United States.
  • Despite California’s reputation for beaches, The Long Beach in Washington State is the longest continuous beach in the USA.
  • California is home to the world’s tallest tree standing at 379 feet, but its exact location is kept secret.
  • Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States and is in the top 10 deepest in the world.
  • With over 3,000 glaciers, Washington State has the most in the United States. It is also home to ten volcanoes.
  • If California was a separate nation, it would have the 8th largest economy in the world.
  • Washington State was the birthplace of the musicians Jimi Hendrix, Bing Crosby and Kurt Cobain. The city of Seattle is home to Microsoft and the very first Starbucks coffee house.

Largest Cities in California & West Coast USA (2016 Census)

Los Angeles, California – 3,971,883

San Diego, California – 1,394,928

San Jose, California – 1,026,908

San Francisco, California – 864,816

Seattle, Washington – 684,451

Portland, Oregon – 632,309

Fresno, California – 520,052

Sacramento, California – 490,712

Long Beach, California – 474,140

Oakland, California – 419,267

US Immigration Applicable for California & West Coast

US immigration is as complicated as it possibly can get with many different types of non-immigrant and immigrant visas. The following information should be considered purely as advice correct at the time of writing and you should contact US Immigration or the US Embassy in London for exact information.

Student – there are two types of student visas that will allow the applicant to attend university or other academic institutions in America

Employer – These are applied for by the employer and can include religious workers, company transfers, skilled or speciality occupations.

Immigrant – Applicants can be the fiancé or spouse of an American citizen and can also include children. These applications include medical examinations and vaccination checks.

Preparing for California & West Coast USA

Despite the European influence on West Coast culture, there are many differences to consider before your American removal. Differences in education, health care and even driving on the other side of the road are to be seriously researched and considered. Also take an extensive look at some of the restrictions on items that you can take into America.

The climate varies across the West Coast with the northern areas experiencing milder summers, warmer winters and constant precipitation levels. The southern areas towards California experience dry and hot summers with rainy winters.

Moving to California & West Coast USA

Britannia Turnbull’s can call upon 150 years of experience when planning for your removal to America. As an international removals company, Turnbull’s have helped people and families tackle the daunting task of a move to the American West Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington with the aim that each move runs smoothly. To find out more than get in touch with one of our friendly advisors either by phone, email or contact form.

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