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Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: Spain

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Living in Spain British expats in Spain have been frantic since the turn of the century. In 2005, research by the BBC suggested that British residents in Spain had gone above 750,000. The official figures in 2001 had the British population in Spain at 107,326 which had increased above 300,000 in 2014’s official figures. These …

Britannia Turnbull’s Removals in History

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

As we are celebrating our 150th birthday as a removals company, we thought we would take a trip back in time and take a look at what else was happening 150 years ago. Turnbull’s Removals of Leeds was established in the year 1867 and has gone on to become a recognised name across the city …

Celebrating Culture in Leeds

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

As Leeds continues its bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2023, as a removal company proudly based in the company for over 150 years, we wanted to celebrate culture in Leeds. The European Capital of Culture is decided by the European Union and despite the UK’s Brexit vote to leave the EU, the …

Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: United Arab Emirates

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Living in the UAE The United Arab Emirates has grown to become one of the most desirable locations for expats and international movers of recent times. And it’s easy to see why. An exotic location with modern attractions, no taxation and a landscape incomparable around the world, the UAE is one of the world’s big …

Keep Your Pets Happy During a Home Removal

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

A removal can be stressful and unnerving for the whole household. It is understandable that the thought of moving all of your belongings, leaving a home behind and settling into a new area who bring some worries. This also applies to the furry members of the family. Our pets go through similar emotional change when …

Designs Revealed For a New Model Village in Leeds

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

The words model village evoke thoughts of Sir Titus Salt’s historic and iconic Victorian village of Saltaire in Bradford which has become not only a desirable area to live but an attraction for tourists. Equally, ask any resident of Leeds what they know about Kirkstall and history will again spring to mind, with Kirkstall Abbey …

Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: New York & New England

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Living in New York & New England New York City is very much a symbol of the American Dream and immigration to America throughout the centuries. Its business, finance, technology, entertainment industries attract many seeking success.  But this corner of America is more than the “Big Apple”. New York State and the states that make …

Unsung Areas to Live in Leeds

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

As we continue our celebration of the city of Leeds in our 150th year serving the area as a removals company, we are revisiting some unsung areas to live. In our general guide to the city we featured the Leeds-List website’s best places to live in Leeds in accordance with local estate agent Linley & …

Britannia Turnbull’s International Guide: Canada

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

Living in Canada Following Brexit, one of the most popular Google search terms or queries was “How to move to Canada”. Following the 52 per cent vote it seemed that many of the other 48 per cent were searching “Can I move to Canada?” or “move to Canada from UK”. This is probably not because …

Enjoying The Leeds Social Scene

Posted on by Turnbulls Team

If you are planning on moving to the city of Leeds and have done your research into the West Yorkshire city then the diverse and popular drinking scenes have certainly cropped up. Wherever you are planning on moving to in Leeds then you are no doubt nearby to some great areas to unwind and enjoy. …

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